Thursday, July 3, 2014

Guest Blogger: Jon's ultimate guide to Californian Wines

I am very proud to introduce this blog post - this is the first time I am featuring a guest blogger on Why yes, I do eat constantly! Most people barely want to be affiliated with me when I start taking photos of my steak at a restaurant. So this is all quite exciting for me.

Jon and I met in Perth two years ago when he was visiting Jeremy, who he met in Shanghai. With my Dory-esque memory, I don't remember everything we chatted about - but I do remember him being an incredible guitar player, extremely disciplined (he was in the Canadian Reserves) and thinking he was amazingly down-to-earth and easy going for a lawyer (he specialises in Intellectual Property). Oh, and he's a Certified Specialist of Wine. He sat an exam for his certification which basically tests how much of a badass you are with wine, covering Physiology of Taste, Wine Composition & Chemistry, Viticulture & Enology and Food & Wine pairing to name a few.

Figure 1: Photo hi-jacked from Jon's Facebook Page without permission

Jon recently did a 7-day trip through the Sonoma and Napa Valley in California, tasting 200 wines in 30 wineries. Naturally, when you've accomplished a feat like that, you want to share it with others - so he's done up a report on his adventure detailing every single freaking wine he tasted complete with a scoring system, some comments on each winery's decor, and his thoughts on joining wine clubs. Or, in his words, a report designed to be "a time-saving and professionally vetted resource for serious oenophiles who are contemplating a similar trip".

Here's a snippet:

To read the full report, click this link:

To contact Jon about his wine experience or any wine-related stuff, you can email him at

Was lovely to hear from you Jon! Thank you for sharing your food experience with me, and I hope other people heading to California for wine tasting will find it useful. And on a final note... see you on Saturday!

Figure 2: What the fluke?

That's what I love about food: it connects people and keeps them connected across borders.