Sunday, October 30, 2011

MSU Ball 2011: Dark Temptation

Figure 1: Oh so fancy. 

Figure 2: All scrubbed up. 

Figure 3: Nothing like getting ready for a ball in your own bathroom ensuite!

Figure 4: Favourites. 

Asian-Style Ball with Malaysian Dressing 
Serves 200

  • 1 part beautiful girls (prepare 8 hours ahead, more if needed)
  • 1 part strapping young men (prepare 20 minutes before) 
  • 200 x crusty bread rolls and butter, suitable for eating and throwing
  • Alcohol, free-flowing 
  • 1 x Keegan Wong 
  • 1 x good DJ (to test quality, shake it) 
  • Music by "Front Row" feat. Lucas Tan & Jonathan Lau (for added fresh-ness)

1. Line a large ballroom with non-stick baking paper. 
2. Turn up music to 95dB. 
3. Add males, females, alcohol into an electric mixer and beat until light-headed and fluffy. Combine with remaining ingredients. 
5. Place inside ballroom for 5 hours, or until kicked out by security. 
6. 你是我的好朋友!
7. 你是我的好朋友!
8. 你是我的好朋友!
9. 你是我的好朋友!
10. 你是我的好朋友!

  • Asians are ripe when their faces turn reddish in colour. If still yellow, add alcohol. If too red, add more bread rolls.
  • Paper beats rock. 

Figure 5: Dressed up alcohol for dressed up alcoholics. 

Figure 6: Beautiful table settings.

Figure 7: Mingi Hong, forever promoting. 

Figure 8: Spot the foodie.

Salad Selection
Royal blue potato salad
Caesar salad station
Mediterranean Greek salad
Thai beef salad with shallots and peanuts
Mixed leaf salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing
Traditional coleslaw

Figure 9: Caesar Salad Station - surprisingly, my favourite!

Cold Selection
Smoked ocean trout with fried capers and dill aioli
Selection of sliced cooked and cured meats
Barbecue Chinese pork
Tandoori chicken drumettes
Calamari with satay sauce and fried shallots

Figure 10: Tandoori Chicken. 

Figure 11: Sliced meats, olives, Lucas Tan. 

Figure 12: Sliced Chinese Pork, sweet chilli sauce. 

Hot selection
Beef medallions with shallot jam
Roasted pork leg
Snapper fillets steamed with ginger, soy and shallot
Thai green chicken curry
Pasta amatriciana
Panache of seasonal vegetables
Roast gourmet potato with garlic and rosemary
Steamed jasmine rice 

Figure 13: "Oh my god, RICE!!!!" - Daniel Jo. 

Figure 14: Table 10

Dessert Selection
Pavlova topped with kiwi fruit and raspberry coulis
Dark and white chocolate cake
New York cheesecake
Assortment of French pastries and mini desserts
Peach yoghurt cream pie
Freshly sliced fruit

Figure 15: Mini French Desserts with silver cachous. 

Figure 16: Pavlova topped with Kiwi and Raspberry Coulis. 


Figure 17: Dark Temptation - the peanut drawer in the hotel room. 

Figure 18: Best night ever. 


Sab said...

Wow, so much food... I went to MSU back in the day and it looks like it's improved HEAPS since then! Is that you in the one shoulder strap dress? You looked great :)

bellelelephant. said...

That's me! :) Haha thanks! I really enjoyed the night. Ohhh my friends who are in MSU will be glad to hear it's improved!

LOTS of food, I wish I had been more sober during the dessert buffet, I was so out of it I was eating pavlova and cheesecake with my hands, apparently... still such a good night hahaha