Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Purposelessness sanctifies the stay."

Globe Coffee House
76 Angelo Street, South Perth
Open Mon-Fri 7am-9pm; Sun 7am-5pm
(08) 9368 6999

I've been wanting to go to Globe Coffee House ever since I went on a little adventure through Angelo Street and laid eyes on their French quiches, macaroons and little desserts, gleaming in a large glass cabinet. At the time I didn't have my wallet, so I vowed to come back in the near future with a pocket full of pennies and an empty stomach. Predictably, it took me about a year to return, but as they say, better late than never.

Perhaps I will be back at Globe for dinner some time. Their A la Carte menu is an interesting mix of French, Italian, Asian & Western cuisine, moderately priced, and they've taken the effort to include local produce (Mt. Barker chicken, Esperance Lamb) and vegeterian or gluten free dishes. I'd go back just to dwell in the delightfully eclectic European decor, if anything.

On this visit I was having catch ups with the Kylie over breakfast, which was lovely after barely seeing her for a whole semester. She had a Cappuccino ($3.9) whilst I opted for the English Breakfast for One ($3.9) - and those are damn good prices for cafés these days, especially for a place which won a "Best Coffeehouse in WA" award last year. 

Since I'd blown a great deal of money on frivolities the night before, I had limited funds. So I decided to go for the Almond Croissant ($3.9) instead of the Full Breakfast, which was an incredible act of self control. While I was eating it, I was subconsciously comparing it with the fluffy, moist-on-the-inside and flaky-cripy-on-the-outside almond croissants at La Galette de France behind uni, so I was, inevitably, a little disappointed. The pastry was crisp, but at some points a bit dry, and I guess the filling was ok, but it just didn't quite do it for me since I've tasted the best Almond Croissants in Perth.

Kylie went for the Ham, Cheese & Tomato Omelette ($12.9) which was presented quite honestly, and tasted simple & fresh. What most people don't know about Kylie is that she's secretly a passionate cheese connoisseur, and she was of the opinion that they should have used cheese of a different variety to bring the flavours together. A person with mild lactose intolerance like myself couldn't really give an opinion on cheese, so I would say to trust the experts on this one. For next time I think I'm just going to order a plate of macaroons for breakfast. Foolproof.

Whilst tucking in, I did my usual thing of looking around and absorbing the surrounds, the atmosphere, snippets of conversation, watched the waitstaff operate, and got a feel for the place. When I was looking absent-mindedly at the ceiling, I saw this peculiar little quote written on the eastern wall of the sun cavity:

"The only person who partakes of the most essential charm of this splendid 
coffeehouse is he who wants nothing there but to be there.
Purposelessness sanctifies the stay."

Underneath was the name "Ronald V. Booker 1148PM". So I thought that maybe the quote was of a dear old regular customer who had poetically exclaimed his personal liking for Globe Coffee House one day... at 11:48pm... and they were so proud that they had written it on the ceiling? However, after looking it up on the net I discovered two things:

1) I'm an idiot; and
2) The quote is actually from a book called "The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits".

According to my extremely shallow research, The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits (originally written in German) is a collection of essays and sketches written by a group of authors, who would sit in this café called The Vienna Coffeehouse to write. The writings are about many aspects of Austrian life from politics and war to theatre and fellow artists.

Only thing is, this particular quote seems to be taken from the essay in the book called Theories of Cafe Central written by someone with a completely different name - Alfred Polgar. So I have no idea who this Ronald Booker guy is, or what the 11:48pm means.

I love the idea of literature and coffee colliding in a little café in Vienna 100 years ago, and somehow making its way onto the wall of little coffee house in Perth, even if in some small way.
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