Monday, July 4, 2011

law and order-ing food

I'm a very backwards kind of person. Right from the beginning of the uni semester, I'll absolutely kill myself studying for no reason in particular. It's one of those really irritating things about me that stem from my unhealthy desire to control everything that goes on in my life. And by the time exams are are 1 month away, I'm always ridiculously burnt out and miserable, having consistently working so hard for the last 12 weeks, left with zero motivation to study anything at all. 

So naturally, I decided that two weeks til exams was the most suitable day to spend in the city, eating and shopping my way furthur and furthur into a state of denial.

First, Me and Lien went to St. Mary's for 11am Mass, which was a nice way to start off the day. Then we decided to go to the West End Deli in Leederville, a place I'd been wanting to try since I'd seen pictures on Angela's iPhone of cappuccinos served in wineglasses. I had high expectations of the West End Deli. After all, it did have an 86% 'like it score' score out of 350 people who had voted on Urbanspoon.

I really love the interior design of the place. It's homey and cosy yet classy, and the crazy chandeliers are delightful. And for some strange reason, I couldn't help kind of feeling like I was in Diagon Alley (probably my inner excitement about the new movie coming out in 11 days, 5 hours and 21 minutes). There's little touches everywhere: the mini buckets for your cutlery, jars of sugar cubes instead of sachets, typewritten labels on brown paper. And there's something so organic and trusting about how they leave out their cakes and slices in the open air, instead of behind a glass cabinet.

To begin, we both had Cappuccinos, regular for Lien ($3.8) and soy, extra hot for me ($4.3) - I was too highly strung for a triple shot long mac on this morning, unfortunately. They came perfectly steamed and obviously made by someone who knew what they were doing with a coffee machine. After we finished them, we waited patiently for our orders.

One hour later, our meals were finally served, after being assured in 15 minute intervals that our food was coming soon. I was less than impressed at the fact that my plate had been sitting in the middle of the kitchen, slowly succumbing to room temperature, waiting to be brought out for about 20 minutes (I was sitting in a place where I could see. Food bloggers are pretty creepy, huh?).

Lien ordered the Corned beef hash, fried egg, morcilla crumble ($23), which was a bit of an iceburg. On the surface it looked beautifully presented, but unfortunately, the corned beef was literally burnt to large chunks of carbon, hidden underneath the egg and fried potatoes. I'd never quite seen anything like it before, and was not what I expected from somewhere like West End. The sauce was alright though?

I ordered the Poached pears, grenola nut clusters, honeyed ricotta ($12), which was a puzzling dish. I saw no 'clusters' on my plate, but rather a large mound of tasteless seeds and nuts, with a very bland pear on top. I'm not sure if this dish was made wrong, or if I'm just not refined enough to appreciate it, but either way, it was not enjoyable at all.

After working in a fish and chip store, at a bakery, a cafe, an ice cream parlour and as a waitress in a hotel restaurant in the city, I know that when you're serving food, sometimes, shit happens. But first impressions are important, and personally, WED did not make a very good one on me at all. In fact, it was so bad, Lien burst into tears (jokes).

After our meal, I gently told one of the waitresses what had happened to Liens' dish, who brought it back to the chef. He did his stressed out chef thing, asking all the other kitchenhands what had happened to it. The waitress gave us the meal for free, and wrote the coffees off our bill too. I don't usually complain whilst eating out, but I felt it was fitting in the circumstances.

I left the West End Deli feeling disappointed, but on the bright side, the hour spent waiting for our food made for good catch up time with the best friend. And the moose in the toilet made up for it somewhat.

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jessfarquhar said...

HAHAHA I misread 'moose' as 'mousse' so I was thinking "Um... I don't think that was chocolate mousse in the toilet".

bellelelephant. said...


disgusting. HAHHAHAH