Monday, May 2, 2011

Mandurian Adventures Part 3: The finale

 "When I wake up in the morning, love...

And the sunlight hurts my eyes...

And something without warning, love...

Bears heavy on my mind..."

...He was obviously talking about breakfast, right?

Room service is a beautiful thing. You wake up after a night of well-rested, feather-soft slumber, surrounded by your gloriously hotellish pillows and bedsheets, the sunlight streaming in from your window with a water view. Someone knocks on your door and gives you a divine-smelling breakfast made just for you, delivered to you. And when you're done, you can just dump the empty plates outside for them to deal with. It's the epitome of laziness, served hot and delicious on a white porcelain plate.

The room service at The Sebel actually comes from the adjoining restaurant, called 'M on the Point'. Mingi ordered the Eggs Royale ($17.5) which was poached eggs with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce, a spin on the traditional Benedict. I think the pictures speak for themselves - it was absolutely glorious.

I went for the Croissant with Ham and Cheese ($11.5). A classic combo which never lets me down. There's just something about the way you can pull a toasted croissant apart - the buttery flakiness of it, the melted cheese and the soft texture of the croissant, all rolled into one. In my fourth year, when I go to Paris for exchange, I'm going to be eating something like this for breakfast every day. You just wait and see.

After our morning feast, me and Emerald decided to go for a stroll down the foreshore (Mama Hong opted for a sleep-in) to take in the sunshine and seabreeze. Everytime I've been to Mandurah the foreshore has been packed, with people all over the place walking, picnicking, fishing, jogging, playing with kids on the playground and what not. But on this morning, Mandurah just seemed so empty, which was wonderfully relaxing, and just what I needed before the chaos that is university.

Figure 1: "Why yes, I do eat constantly."

Figure 2: Large, freaky, beady-eyed birds that I'm pretty sure were plotting my downfall.

Figure 3: Lovely little deli on the main street, gorgeous collection of local gourmet produce.

At 10am, we kissed goodbye our lovely hotel room (which we left in a less-lovely state than it originally was) and checked out of The Sebel. Last (food) stop before our long drive home was a visit to the Miami Bakehouse, about one minute walking distance from our accomodation. Like everything else in Mandurah during our stay, it was completely empty, and we had the whole top floor to ourselves, with panoramic open-air views of the estuary and the little town of Mandurah. Em had the Pepper Steak Pie ($4.8) and Mingi had a Strawberry Flan ($4.5).

And guess what... I didn't take these two photos! I could cry with maternal pride, I taught you girls so well. One of the greatest pleasures in life is sharing your passion with others. 

My work here is done.

And so here ends the epic tale of Gee Hong, Em Wong and Bel-Ding-a-Dong's Mandurian Adventure 2011. Girls, I had an absolute ball with you two, chilling out, eating out, sleeping in and catching up. You are both so precious to me, and I hope we can do another trip mid year! You are my sunshines :)
"Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life."

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