Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh, happy day

Lunch at La Galette de France

Traditional Chicken & Mushroom Crepe ($9.5) for me
Ratatouille & Cheese Crepe ($9.5) for him
Mango Macaroon ($2.3) for me
Rose & Pistachio Macaroon ($2.3) for him, for me.


Birthday Cake & Pres

Strawberry Tart ($28) also from La Galette de France
Mint Slice Cocktails
Basil, Pesto and Tomato canapes

Dinner at Burswood Dome

1x large cup of water ($5)
2 x Usher OMG Tour tickets (don't ask)
Trey Songz (complimentary)
First concert experience (priceless)

Michel, tu es le plus ladsy petit ami du monde.

Friends, Food, and Falcohol

Asahi, home-made Sangria
Michael's "Deadly" Margaritas
 Fruit platters, dip, Ikea meatballs

 Blueberry Birthday Cake by The Cheesecake Shop ($23.9)

It was such a good birthday.
I even broke my rule.


jessfarquhar said...

YOU HAD SEX???????????

bellelelephant. said...

hahahahahahaha no dear! (Just in case you were wondering, I would have been too drunk to function in that manner anyhow)

Golden Food Blogging Rule #1: Never put up photos of yourself. But I just love that shot! Look how small my eyes are

jessfarquhar said...

LOL anticlimax.