Sunday, January 2, 2011

secret santa spitroast

I'll admit it: when the boys started talking about how they were going to construct a rotating spitroast from scratch, to cook an enormous slab of meat in the open air, and that the meat would be edible... I was a little skeptical.

And then when Aaron asked me if I had a spare bicycle lying around... I was just plain scared (and yes, that IS an operating treadmill).

Being the child of an asian parents who can't cook red meat (thus, iron deficiency) I'm used to chewy, dry, and tasteless lamb or beef which requires copious amounts of tomato sauce for consumption. The only time I get a nice bit of juicy, tender red meat is when I go out to a restaurant, or if I happen to pick steak night when staying over at a friends house for dinner. I thought this night would be no exception.

However, the meat that fell off that $80 leg of lamb was the sweetest, juiciest, melt-in-your-mouth-iest meat I have ever tasted. Perhaps it was the fat content of the cut, perhaps the excellent marinade or perhaps it was just the Christmas Spirit in the air that permeated the meat and made it as heartily delicious as it was. All of that, paired with some good punch and great company, made for a nice, chilled Christmas gathering.

And a shout out to my gorgeous secret santa, Sarah who got me a mini bake tin and the coolest spatula in the world (all within the $10 budget)!

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Wow! amazing. The boys had a great idea on cooking a delicious food being resourceful. Nice post!