Saturday, November 27, 2010


So here's something I've never tried before: drunk blogging. Taking a leaf out of Mark Zuckerberg's book, according to The Social Network.

Okay okay so I'm not actually drunk, but it is currently 4:50am and I just got home from a terrific night out, and suddenly feel the delirious need to talk about food, as you do.

Kylie & I hit 'Toast', a cute breakfast spot in the middle of exam week on a sunny, blue-skied spring morning. We've have had many good times together this year, mostly which involved one of us being drunk, and mostly of which the drunk one was me. But the point here is, we barely ever saw each other outside of activities that involved drinking. So going out for breakfast was a completely new concept for us really, seeing as it is it is generally unacceptable in society to consume alcohol before lunchtime.

We had a table on the waterfront terrace. I have to say that I find Claisebrook Cove's artificiality kind of pleasing. I love its well-kept neatness, the jacaranda trees, and the skinny houses facing the water with bold and quirky façades that kinda remind me of la Côte d'Azur in the south of France. Mark my words: I will spend an entire summer over there some day soon, eating French food and speaking French gibberish all day, exploring the town, with a Lonely Planet in my hand, the sun in my hair and a huge smile on my face.

Personally I find that in most yuppy cafés, the staff can be a bit standoffish. But here, the girl who took our order was more than happy to chat about what was good on the menu, and accommodated my change of mind from pancakes to crepes without batting an eyelid. The cook even stuck around for a few minutes to educate me and Kylie on the different types of toast they serve, and recommended we try the 'challah' next time (Jewish braided bread eaten on the Sabbath and other holidays).

Good customer service is rather like taking a sip of icy-cold lemonade on a hot day: delighfully refreshing.

I ordered the Rhubarb and Raspberry Compote Crepes with toasted Almonds ($12.9) which were highly satisfactory. Having something that rich for breakfast should be illegal. The crepes were thick yet still quite light and fluffy. I really like rhubarb with any kind of dessert food, it gives a certain tartness that goes so well with sweet things (see my first post ever from back in July: I had Rhubarb Custard Crumble at the Imp, gorgeous).

Kylie ordered the Eggs Norwegian ($16.9) which I will definitely order again. I had never tried smoked salmon until this year at work (salmon is a big deal at Miss Maud's) and am still in the process of coming to terms with its taste. This dish definitely helped me along. Like my crepes, it was also lavish in that guilty, oh-so-many-calories kind of way. The hollandaise sauce was rich and thick but cut with a bit of tang and acidity (lemon juice, I think), which also went really well with the salmon. Winner!

We also asked for the Banana Bread with Marscapone, Toasted Almonds and Honey ($9.9), which I reckon they should rename the 'Yellow Submarine' on the menu. It was beautifully honey-sweet, about half the size of your average household tissue box and just made me feel really fat in general. It was toasted too, so it was warm and delicious on the inside and had this thin, crisp layer of what was essentially toasted cake on the outside. And spread with a layer of that marscapone cheese... oh god.

I'm sitting here and it's now 5:16am. I have just finished my breakfast of last night's leftovers: stirfried snowpeas and chilli tofu with rice, and three Arnotts Scotch Fingers dipped in Nutella.
And two cups of strong green tea for antioxidants.
There is actual sun streaming through the window on my right.
I have not slept.
My head is throbbing.

I'm going to go pass out in my bed now.

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