Friday, November 5, 2010

and in the mornin, I'M MAKIN'-

waffles [/ˌwɒfəl/ ] n. a kind of batter cake cooked in a waff'le iron, a metal utensil with hinged halves having projecting studs on the insides. [Du wafel, wafer.]

See also: pizelles, Italian waffles popular during Christmas and easter, krumkakes, thin, rolled Norwegian waffle cookies similar to Chinese 'love letters' and waffle fries, famously served at Chik-fil-A in the United States.

Figure 1: Large waffle with whipped cream, maple syrup and a scoop of Jamaican Chocolate Gelato, Gelaré (Subiaco)

There are many variations based on the type and shape of the iron and the recipe used.

  • Scandanavian waffles - Thin, sweet waffles made in a heart-shaped iron commonly served with whipped cream, strawberry or raspberry jam and sugar on top
  • Liège waffles - richer, denser and chewier waffles from eastern Belgium invented by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liège. Features chunks of pearl sugar which caramelises on the outside of the waffle when baked (I had these at Hua Lamphong Train Station when I was in Thailand last December. The custard ones are to DIE for)
  • American waffles - dense, thin, waffles usually served as sweet breakfast food topped with butter and maple syrup, but are also found in many different savoury dishes including fried chicken and waffles or topped with kidney stew.

    Figure 2: Waffle received at 4:15pm

    Figure 3: Waffle progress at 4:17pm

    Figure 4: Indigestion at 4:20pm

    The term 'waffle' may also refer to:

  • waffle (n.), a slang term for speech that involves equivocating or blathering
  • waffling (v.), a back-and-forth wing motion made by water birds such as ducks right before landing in order to lose air from under their wings
  • waffle slab (n.), a type of concrete slab used in construction
  • waffle (n.), another name for the number sign "#"
  • The Waffle (p.n.), also known as the Movement for an Independent SOcialist Canada; a radical wing of Canada's New Democratic Party

    Figure 5: A waffling duck, preparing for landing.

    Figure 6: Concrete waffle slabs

    The History of Waffles
    The modern waffle has its origins in wafers: very light thin crisp cakes baked between wafer irons of the Middle Ages. The irons were used to produce a variety of different flat, unleavened cakes, usually from a mixture of barley and oats, not the white flour used today.

    In medieval Europe, vendors were permitted to sell their waffles outside of churches during special religious celebrations. Competition at the churches eventually became very heated, and at times violent, so that King Charles IX of France imposed a regulation on waffle sales, requiring vendors to maintain a distance of at least deux toises (4 metres) from one another.

    Figure 8: Baroque painting depicting waffle vendors at work

    Figure 7: Medieval waffle iron

    Waffles in Politics

    Waffles and Fashion


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