Friday, October 8, 2010

une soirée d'été parfaite

Apres nous avons regardé 'L'arbre' au le cinema Leederville, mon compagnon et moi sommes alles a un restaurant Italien, s'appelle Sienna's. Le temps était fait frais et sympa, et nous avions eu une table douillet au coin de chambre. Ensuite, nous sommes allés au San Churro's pour du chocolat chaud espagnol, qui était delicieux. Finalement, nous sommes allés au le Parc du Roi pour regarder les lumières de la ville.

Je suis une fille chanceuse.

We went on a stroll down Oxford Street in search of dinner. Michél dismissed Jus Burgers as inappropriate for the occaision (I was astounded, and kind of impressed... a boy who says no to burgers?) so we decided on Sienna's. I was craving Italian - I love carbs. Yeah, bite me.

The interior was a huge room with nothing much to break up the open space, and the tables were set out in such a way that reminded me of a school cafeteria. That, combined with an overkill of yellow wallpaper and some dodgy looking pot-plants came across as a little tacky. But there were some nice paintings of Italian landscapes and landmarks, and a baroque water fountain just chillin' in the middle of the floor.

The room was buzzing, filled mostly with families and groups of friends chatting away, eating happily. I don't usually pay attention, but I noticed that all the customers were dressed really casually. It seemed like a simple, relaxed kind of place that just served good, tasty food. Who needs napkins folded into funny shapes, ugly candles and fancy cutlery? Psh. Sienna's didn't need to dress itself up for anyone. I liked that.

The food was similarly unadorned, but yummy nevertheless. We shared a Chicken and Avocado Pizza ($18.5) which was "Chicken marinated in wine, avocado & sundried tomatoes." Classic. We also split a Spaghetti Marinara ($21.5) which read "Fresh seafood with chilli in a tomato sauce", which was just that: fresh seafood with chilli in a tomato sauce. An honest kind of menu, and the leftovers made for a good breakfast the next morning.

I blew my nut when I found out Michél had never been to San Churro's before. To me, it was a more sorrowful situation than finding out someone had never been to the zoo; it was like discovering that they had never seen the ocean. A rainbow. Or the doctor.

We ordered the Hot 'n' Cold ($6.5) which we drank way too fast: a scoop of White Chocolate Ice Cream over Spanish Hot Chocolate. When you tried to drink it, you'd get this insanely sweet, intense mixture of the hot hot-chocolate and the ice cream slowly melting on top.

Drink Responsibly.

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