Friday, October 29, 2010

all's well that ends well

Le petit-déjeuner
1 x bowl of oats with maple syrup and sliced banana
1 x large chunk of homemade Strawberry Pavlova
2 x cups of japanese green tea

Some people say that when you're angry at someone, revenge is sweet.

I would argue that making up is much, much sweeter.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my hazelnut-buttercup babies

I am guilty of favouritism.

On my backpacking trip to Thailand & Laos, I went away for a month with 16 other people, but there was just something about Chelsea and Kelsi that always made me laugh. Not only do their names TOTALLY rhyme, but they are both such genuine and fun-loving girls. I love Chelsea because she doesn't take bullshit from anyone, and we had great times in the mountains of North Thailand climbing up ridiculously steep inclines, having a good bitch. As for Kelsi, she was the rock of our morning sing-a-long (think an entire month of waking up to Don't Stop Believin'), and she just made me laugh, 24/7.

Example: One night we were in Muang Ngoi, Laos, about half-way through our trip. As always, we had found a cheap restaurant for dinner with a budget of roughly 2 aussie dollars each (which meant we could all afford a good-sized main, a drink and dessert each!). The only problem was, with 16 of us always eating together, it wasn't unusual for us to wait 45 minutes for everyone to be served. So to kill the time, we decided to play 'Cheat'.

Kelsi, who had never played before, had a little trouble understanding the rules. First she put all the cards down facing-up, and I'm pretty sure at one point she insisted she had five aces of spades. And then she went to put down three cards and then said "CHEAT"... at herself.

I think we all laughed for about 20 minutes solid.

We hit the Moon Cafe on a weeknight during study break for a chill sesh. We almost didn't make it there alive, thanks to my driving. That's what you get when you give an asian kid a Nintendo-64 and a Mario Kart cartridge, folks. We had a great time tearin' up the streets of Northbridge, getting lost on the freeway and almost ending up in Joondalup, all the while blasting 'All The Single Ladies' on the stereo.

Chelsea's Wedges ($6.5) were damn good. With sweet chilli sauce and good quality sourcream, they were as all good wedges should be: soft on the inside and crunchily crisp on the outside. Kelsi's Nachos with Bolognese Sauce ($14.5) were similarly satisfying and also came in a ridiculously large bowl. I odered the 'small' Calamari ($16.5) which I would have called the 'ginormous' Calamari if I was in charge of the menu. I ate about a third and was already full. To be honest, I remember more about how big the servings were rather than how good the food actually was. But ah, to satiate one's hunger in the company of friends is a beautiful thing.

I left dessert to the girls. When it came time to order, Kelsi found herself torn between the Moon Chocolate Mudcake ($6.5) and the Chocolate Pizza ($13.5). But life is short.

Why choose?

Kelsi: So I want the chocolate mudcake and the chocolate pizza, right-
Waiter: Sure man, any drinks with that?
Kelsi: Nonono, I mean I want the mudcake AND the pizza, like, together.
Waiter: Yep?
Kelsi: Like actually together.
Waiter: ...
Kelsi: Can you cut up the mudcake, into little pieces, and bake it on top? But only on half, and on the other half, bake marshmallows onto it? Pink ones?
Waiter: ...
Kelsi: ... Pleeeeeeeaaaase?

The Moon Cafe, Northbridge: where all your dreams come true.

Friday, October 22, 2010

joyeux belated anniversaire

My two favourite types of cookie in the world are Violet Crumble and Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate & Macadamia. The former is an acquried taste, so I thought that the latter would be better to bake for Lucas's birthday.

These cookies are special to me. When I was 14, one of my friends got semi-kicked out, so I told him to stay over at mine for the night. We decided that an epic all-nighter was in order. That afternoon, the two of us and another friend ran down to IGA to grab ingredients and a 3L carton of milk, and within an hour, the smell of deliciousness was wafting out of the oven and filling up the whole house.

A hilarious night of intense binge-eating of said cookies (we doubled the recipe), prank-calling, Pirates of the Carribbean 1, 2 and 3, D&M-ing and laughing followed. Around 3am we thought it was a suitable time to ride bicycles. And so we did.

We wreaked havoc, juvie style. We rode as fast as we could down the middle of the wrong side of the road, yelling obscenities into the night just because we could. At the Karel Ave, we lay in the middle of the junction, and ran away screaming and laughing when we were almost run over by a car. All the while, sharing this huge brown paper bag of cookies, tossing it to each other, getting steadily thirstier and fatter. We ended up at the skate park where we tried sleeping on the benches in the freezing cold, buzzing with sugar, laughing at the boganness of it all, until the McDonalds across the road opened at 6am. And no matter how many hashbrowns I ate, all I could taste was macadamias and white chocolate, because we'd eaten so many of these goddamn cookies.

Good times.

White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies.
Makes 20

  • 125g butter
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 150g plain flour, sifted
  • 150g self raising flour, sifted
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup chopped unsalted macadamia nuts
  • 250g chopped white chocolate

    1. Preheat oven to 180C. Line trays with baking paper.
    2. Cream butter, vanilla, sugar and egg until light & fluffy. Stir in flours, nuts & chocolate until it forms a dough.
    3. Roll tablespoons into balls, flatten them slightly on trays. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the edges turn golden.
    4. Dunk them in milk and feel the sugar rush straight to your blood stream.

  • Friday, October 8, 2010


    I love Cottesloe.
    I love Cimbalino's.

    Put them together, and there's not much more you could do to make me happier.

    It was such a beautiful day that I felt it would be a waste to drink a hot Cimba, as delicious as they are. Instead I opted for the Watermelon, Mint and Mango Juice ($7), which was a bit of a hole in my wallet, but so worth it. With plenty of ice, and made with actual mint leaves; none of that 'orrible stuff that comes out of a drop bottle. Beautifully refreshing. And picked up an Organic Muesli Muffin ($4.2) from the natural foods store next door made with carrot, coconut, raisins and walnuts. Yum.

    Sitting outside in the warm afternoon sun on the paved alfresco of Napoleon Street, sipping this delicious concoction of chilled fruit, with no shoes on, wearing my favourite summer dress, after a relaxing swim at North Cottesloe Beach avec Michél. Ladies and gentlemen, it's official.

    Summer is here.

    une soirée d'été parfaite

    Apres nous avons regardé 'L'arbre' au le cinema Leederville, mon compagnon et moi sommes alles a un restaurant Italien, s'appelle Sienna's. Le temps était fait frais et sympa, et nous avions eu une table douillet au coin de chambre. Ensuite, nous sommes allés au San Churro's pour du chocolat chaud espagnol, qui était delicieux. Finalement, nous sommes allés au le Parc du Roi pour regarder les lumières de la ville.

    Je suis une fille chanceuse.

    We went on a stroll down Oxford Street in search of dinner. Michél dismissed Jus Burgers as inappropriate for the occaision (I was astounded, and kind of impressed... a boy who says no to burgers?) so we decided on Sienna's. I was craving Italian - I love carbs. Yeah, bite me.

    The interior was a huge room with nothing much to break up the open space, and the tables were set out in such a way that reminded me of a school cafeteria. That, combined with an overkill of yellow wallpaper and some dodgy looking pot-plants came across as a little tacky. But there were some nice paintings of Italian landscapes and landmarks, and a baroque water fountain just chillin' in the middle of the floor.

    The room was buzzing, filled mostly with families and groups of friends chatting away, eating happily. I don't usually pay attention, but I noticed that all the customers were dressed really casually. It seemed like a simple, relaxed kind of place that just served good, tasty food. Who needs napkins folded into funny shapes, ugly candles and fancy cutlery? Psh. Sienna's didn't need to dress itself up for anyone. I liked that.

    The food was similarly unadorned, but yummy nevertheless. We shared a Chicken and Avocado Pizza ($18.5) which was "Chicken marinated in wine, avocado & sundried tomatoes." Classic. We also split a Spaghetti Marinara ($21.5) which read "Fresh seafood with chilli in a tomato sauce", which was just that: fresh seafood with chilli in a tomato sauce. An honest kind of menu, and the leftovers made for a good breakfast the next morning.

    I blew my nut when I found out Michél had never been to San Churro's before. To me, it was a more sorrowful situation than finding out someone had never been to the zoo; it was like discovering that they had never seen the ocean. A rainbow. Or the doctor.

    We ordered the Hot 'n' Cold ($6.5) which we drank way too fast: a scoop of White Chocolate Ice Cream over Spanish Hot Chocolate. When you tried to drink it, you'd get this insanely sweet, intense mixture of the hot hot-chocolate and the ice cream slowly melting on top.

    Drink Responsibly.