Saturday, September 4, 2010

pendant le week-end

Hier soir, j'ai sorti avec mes amis celebrer l'anniversaire d'Arseni. Nous sommes alles au discotheque danser, et apres ca nous avons mange au Moon Cafe. Leurs pizzas desserts sont magnifique.

We ordered the Banana Pizza ($15) which was "Banana, honey, cinnamon, marscapone & walnut, topped with a scoop of ice cream" to share between the 5 of us. In the words of Amy: it was dee-liss-i-us. I was pretty tired by now after Carnegies, but I distinctly remember the banana being baked to this irresistable gooey consistency and melding with all the other ingredients of equally irresistablely gooey consistency in my mouth and making me close my eyes and make that mmmmmm... noise. Yes. I admit I make that noise. It's creepy, I know.

In the morning I was very fortunate to have another breakfast made for me (which may or may not have been influenced by my nagging of that person to make breakfast for me). Either way, we shared a Chicken and Capsicum Omelette, which may I add had a lovely bubbly consistency thanks to my separation and whipping egg-techniques. I gotta say I was pretty impressed. There are two kinds of people in the kitchen: those who would put capsicum in an omelette and actually pull it off, and those who would not. And we all know which of the two camps is far superior.

I have many 'favourite' cafes. In fact I have too many, such that the word 'favourite' has lost its meaning in this context... but in terms of 'favourite-ness', Cimbalinos is probably a Category 2 favouriteness at LEAST, (Category 1 being the highest).

I love. Love love love. LOVE. Their Cimbas ($4.2). It's basically the only other type of coffee I like to drink besides my usual S.L.M. It's a double shot without letting the coffee head bleed, giving it this awesome bitey bitterness that L.Ms don't quite have. But as we all know, a good crema will be naturally sweet, and Cimbalino's excellent coffee beans are what make it work. I crave this dude's latte-art skills. I can only ever do these teenage-girl looking love hearts that are kinda fat. Jealous.

Mon ami had their Ice Coffe ($5?). They definitely have some gourmet chocolate powder or at least good quality stuff and definitely not that goopy stuff you put in milkshakes. Yum yum yum yum yum.

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