Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mill Point Caffe Bookshop

When I was in primary school, I took this PEAC course which required me to go to this little purple shop in South Perth once a week, to drink hot chocolate and read books with other kids. God, I miss doing useless shit-all like that. So in the spirit of reliving happy memories, we hit the Mill Point Caffe Bookshop after shopping in the city.

This place is wonderful. There are books on cooking, gardening, dating, psychology, politics, Europe and photography lining the walls and beautifully laid out. All the tables, bookshelves and photos on the wall are vintage. When you walk in, everyone has their heads down, their noses stuck in a book, some browsing standing up and some with a half-empty cup of coffee on the table in front of them.

I have come to the conclusion that a good coffee has the following traits: the froth does not stick to the sides of the cup when you tip it from side to side, and the crema pattern on top keeps its original shape perfectly unless you break it. My usual extra hot SLM ($4.3) was both of things, and it had that distinctive nutty, sweet flavour that only comes from proper espresso. Very good.

Here's a tip: always ask the people who work there what they recommend and 90% of the time you can't go wrong. I always do it, whether I'm eating at an Italian restaurant in Fremantle or choosing a pie at Jester's. I asked the girl who was cleaning the coffee machine and she insisted I try the apple strudel ($7.5) and said she'd bring it out with cream and ice cream. And holy shit.

Filo pastry. Cubes of sweet, melt-in-your-mouth apple. Raspberry sauce. Topped with flaked almond and icing sugar. There was custard mixed in with the filling. True genius. And a standing ovation for the waitress who plated it up for me; girl got style.

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