Sunday, September 26, 2010

London Court Cafe

I have always wanted to live in London one day. I want to catch those red busses. I want to go on a $1000 shopping spree in Harrod's. I want to see a white Christmas. I want to wear a big furry coat, high heeled boots and ear muffs out into the street every morning. I want to see Mass celebrated on a Sunday in an old cathedral with choirboys, an organ, hymns, the works. I want to go to Buckingham Palace and kiss one of the guards on the cheek and see if he moves. I want to work Monday to Friday in an English law firm, and spend my weekends in Paris speaking fluent French and eating pastries. Call me a hopeless romantic and a naiive idiot who will only be disappointed... but hey, a girl can dream.

We started out on King's street, but due to Perth's level of epic fail combined with faulty website information on opening times, everything was closed. We inevitably found ourselves in the CBD. A foodie's worst nightmare: nothing but food courts with no taste (no pun intended), shit coffee, and overpriced sushi.

My companion was feeling very accomodating that day, which was good, because I was feeling very difficult, so I dragged him over to the London Court Cafe. I'd been there before, but only by myself when I was once craving scones. It happened to be an excellent choice on this occaision. There wasn't a mass of tourist traffic coming through London Court like usual, and our seat was just inside the french doors which they had opened to take advantage of the beautiful weather. And there's only one thing left to drink when there's beautiful weather: iced tea.

My peach iced tea ($3.5) was just what I needed. I never buy that lipton rubbish from the supermarket. It's packed full of sugar, over-flavoured and overrated. This was real iced tea, with a subtle fruit flavour and you could actually taste the tea. I was delighted with the Horlicks ($4), I've never seen it served anywhere in Perth except for the bubble tea flavour. I had to lick my lips after taking a sip. The best way I can describe it is it was like drinking a biscuit. Yum.

I'll admit I was dissapointed with the utterly boring menu which consisted of mostly toasted sandwiches on fancy bread and some average-looking breakfasts. I'm slowly coming to terms with the way Perth's just like that. Very conservative. So I just picked the CRAZIEST thing I could find on the menu, which was a Chicken Vol-au-vent ($18.3). Rebel.

It wasn't mind blowing, but very pleasant to eat none the less. The chicken was just tender, and the sauce was surprisingly herby and fragrant. The salad was basically raw, but at least fresh. My friend had the chicken caesar ($18.5) which was a winner. Lots of places don't get the balance right. The bacon will be too salty, the cheese will be too strong or the dressing will be too thick and too much. But this one had the balance just right. And it took him a while to get over the fact that there was a big poached egg sitting on top of the salad. Cute.

After lunch, my companion took me shopping. Much of the day was spent laughing, talking and in fitting rooms. He bought me a new dress because I had no money. We drove around South Perth looking out for new cafes for me to visit and walked to the jetty in Como to look at the water. I practised some parking in my new car.

Consider the entire Sunday that I spent out enjoying myself as my little way of saying: Fuck you.


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