Friday, September 3, 2010

freedom flavour

Ice cream flavours. There are many: Chocolate, banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, choc mint, choc caramel, swiss choc caramel, vanilla, vanilla bean, vanilla choc chip, triple choc, double choc, persian rosewater, bavarian apple, tangerine, sweet corn (tried it - in Singapore), durian, lavender, honey, malt, ferrero rocher, baci, vodka, red bull, etc... and not to mention my favourite: the Black Sesame, Green Tea and Ginger Gelato Trio at my favourite Japanese restaurant in Mosman Park.

Ice cream flavours are rather like colours: they say that a new colour is created every second. I bet if you made the necessary logistical arrangements, you could create a new ice cream flavour every second. However, even ice cream has its limits. There is one flavour that man will never be able to manufacture adequately:

Freedom flavour.

The taste of freedom is intangible. It is impossible to capture it and recreate it in any shape or form of anything edible. Simple concepts that are easy to nail are already used by food companies: blueberry 'bliss', melting 'moment', chocolate 'overload', and the like... but you never see freedom flavoured cake, donut, fairy floss, packet of starbursts or species of apple, do you?

Then again, who would want to eat freedom flavoured ice cream... after having tasted the real thing, the day you get your licence and do drive-thru on your Ps, for the first time in your life, with your oldest friend?

Not me.

By the way: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I hate to be cocky, but there was absolutely no way I could have failed the HPT after a breakfast of Weet-Bix and THREE types of fruit (all different colours, too).

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