Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the dancing goat

Whilst shopping in Freo at the beginning of this semester, me and a friend popped into one of those upper-class surf/skate stores; the type where you go in and flip over a price tag and you have to supress your reaction. Whilst waiting for Ann to come out of the fitting room I started talking to the shop attendant, partly to kill the awkward silence, partly because he was kinda cute. Somehow it escalated into this passionate, animated conversation about coffee and turns out he's also a barista, opening his own indie cafe in Perth this year. So I asked him what his favourite cafe was. He scribbled something on two pieces of paper, smiled and gave them to me on my way out.

Unfortunately the one with his number on it went throught he wash, but not all was lost. I still had the one with the address of The Dancing Goat on it.

The staff were great. Most kitchenhands just hide out in the back, carelessly pushing your food together and waving it out. But here, the guy who made my bagel actually came out to serve it with a relaxed smile. The girls at the counter were very cheerful and laid back, which was inspiring considering they were all wretchedly hungover (I overheard them laughing and giving each other shit in the kitchen).

The Dancing Goat is built almost like a beach house, elevated off the ground. There's a lot of bare timber, metal and a messy chalkboard set into the wall on the left. The quirky wallpaper is all hand drawn and some of the cartoons hilariously inappropriate. And although everything was so raw and simple, at the same time it was so clean, fresh and real. And the glass bottles had these cute little angels on them.

Amanda had the chocolate & coconut muffin ($3.5) It had real shredded coconut in it and real chunks of milk chocolate through it. Wholesome, unlike the muffins you get at uni which are processed so much that they possess a shiny, smooth, plastic-fruit kind of sheen to them that sticks to their plastic packaging. Crusty and crumbly on the outside, soft on the inside. What a good muffin should be.

I ordered the vegeterian bagel bagel ($11) which was so, so good. Roasted pumpkin, toasted pine nuts, fetta cheese, chutney, fresh avocado and spinach. It seems like such a common and simple combination of every day flavours, but for some reason it was one of the best combinations of a form of bread + sandwich fillings I've ever tasted. It didn't need lashings of thick, salty dressing to pull all the ingredients together. It just worked.

Rounded off our brunch with a mixed berry smoothie ($6), refreshing and sweet. Again, you could tell they had used produce, not products. Delightful stuff.

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