Wednesday, September 29, 2010

corn sisters, caffeine sippers

One of the best memories I have of my Thailand trip was Day 1 with Cynthia. We were all given 50 Baht each ($1.70) to buy our meals for the next 24 hours. I honestly thought we were fucked. But high on holidays and berocca, we dived into the pissed-off behive of traffic, people, sights and smells that is Bangkok city.

We emerged one hour later with bags full of local market grub: vegetarian dumplings, curious little seed jellies, coconut-custard pastries, pad thai, grilled banana in pandan leaves, dragonfruit, and an intriguing sort of thai wrap made of digestive leaves, ginger cubes, shallots, bean sprouts and plum sauce. Devouring all that delicious food with Cynthia on the rickety train ride to Chiang Rai was something I'll never forget.

For that whole month, me and Cynth shared everthing: Bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets (as well as facilities that would not exactly classify as toilets), internet cafe minutes, bus seats, an elephant, clothes, cash, and even the weight in our backpacks. But the most special thing that we shared on our trip was food. We always ordered together, carefully planning our courses and splitting our meals 50/50 so that we could sample as many flavours as possible. We never ordered the same thing twice. Every mealtime was an adventure.

Every now and again, me and Cynth like to catch up over coffee and relive the old days. We went to the Next Cafe in Applecross so I could get a Green Tea Latte ($5.8). The weather was beautiful this morning so I ordered it cold on ice, and with soy. And my god... it was so wonderfully refreshing and smooth to drink. I completely forgot I had even ordered soy because the green tea flavour was just so pure. I predict that I'll regularly be spending a share of my paycheck at this place in the summer weeks ahead.

Cynth ordered the Iced Passion-Me ($6.8) which was a bizzaire combination of espresso and passionfruit pulp. I didn't quite know what to make of it. It was more of an drink that engaged my senses rather than pleased my tastebuds, which is something I wish more cafes in Perth strived for. Very unique drink.

The owners were lovely, asian and therefore incredibly polite. I so dearly wanted to take some shots of the interior design: they've got a wicked set up of bookshelves filled with contemporary fiction, some funky couches and for some reason, lots of motoring memorabilia. But as Cynthia's a regular, I didn't want to embarass her with my zealous happy-snapping. But check out the coffee menu board above - I'm definitely getting that orange mocha next time.

After practically licking our glasses clean (okay, so it was only me) we took a stroll around Ardross St which is a nice little strip of cafes, beauty salons, florists, and suffocating gift stores for middle aged ladies. We found a few treasures: a quaint little hidden garden shop, a gorgeous florist with a thing for pregnancy and a boutique with the sexiest collection of vintage shoes I have ever seen.

On a final note: the Good Grocer sells a large selection of gourmet cupcakes. Instant approval.

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cynthiaa (: said...

what a good day <3

SHANNON said...

(y) GOOODGROCERRR + procrastinating from lectopiaing at uni