Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 & 5

5 Vegetables:
  • Olives
  • Spring Onion (It's green: therefore a vegetable)
  • Capsicum (Packed with vitamin C)
  • Tomato (pureed form still counts)
  • Garlic (... shut up, it's a vegetable, as far as I'm concerned)

    Yes, I'm a repeat offender at Lo Zuccheros. And for damn good reason. The 'Milano': Italian sausage, peperoni, roasted capsicum and kalamata olives ($18) has put me off Dominos/Pizza Hut's crassly-named 'Meatlover' type pizzas forever. I shall nevermore accept meat pizza of lesser quality. The Milano was salty and oily but delicate at the same time. The meat was thinly sliced, not chewy, not too crispy, just finger-lickin' good. The crispy thin bases and wonderfully stringy cheese at Lo Zuccheros make any of their pizzas special. And that pepperoni... you know the way Homer Simpson drools?


    The four of us also ordered a 'Bari': Chicken marinated in garlic, honey, soy & chilli tossed sesame seeds, mature cheddar, shallots & chives ($18). The asian flavours of soy and sesame seeds; a very unique pizza, never had anything like it, but was pulled off well. My tastebuds were so confused yet so delighted.

    2 Fruits:
  • Chocolate (derived from a bean; ...obviously a fruit)
  • Strawberry (can't you see the lolly on top?)

    The day that I finally walked into Sweet on Cupcakes felt like an astronaut stepping onto the moon. My (culinary) life flashed before my eyes, I felt weightless, and there was an amazing sense of achievement, wonder and awe. Although I'd dreamed of it, I never thought it would actually happen, as prior to getting my licence it would have taken me a 1 and a half hour bus-train-train-bus-bus trip. But on Saturday morning my destiny was fulfilled.

    A White-Chocolate Malteser Cupcake ($3.5) for him, a Strawberry Cupcake ($3.5) for me. Words cannot describe that icing.

    By the way... Did I mention that both of these visits were for breakfast?

    At least I found my daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables.
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