Tuesday, August 3, 2010

lovely leedy

I love cafes. Two of my favourite ones are in Leederville.

One of them are a top pick mostly because of the awesome decor and funky vibe, and barely anything to do with the actual coffee or food there. And then there's the irresistable appeal of the many connect-four sets at your disposal. The huge selection of decadent, bohemith cakes and the quirky staff who all wear those weird Amy Winehouse head scarves just tops it all off.

Then there's the hidden French Cafe owned by the heavily-accented couple who are as sweet as their hand made pastries and hand-crafted mousses. Or meese. Plural of mousse, whatever it is. I went for the Walnut and Toffee Tart ($4.5), after about 15 minutes of agonising over my decision between that or the Tarte de Fraises or the Chocolate Brownie. I came to the conclusion that I made the right choice shortly after my first bite where I had to rest my forrid on the coffee table so that I didn't pass out with joy. I think I scared my companion, the poor darling. But it was just so intensely sweet, sticky, slightly salty. The pastry casing was crisp, and snapped in a satisfying way when you broke it with the fork, like when you snap pork crackle. I could have licked the plate, but I think the lady at the counter was already watching me, intrigued at my eating processes so I decided to spare her. Me and my friend also bought two hand made truffles before we left: an Espresso truffle ($1.3) for her and a brandy Dark Chocolate ($1.4) for me. Delicious. Plus my usual Soy Long Mac ($4.3) was lovely and velvety as usual.

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