Friday, August 6, 2010

j'adore le fremantle

Today I went out to Fremantle with $11 in my pocket. Here is a list of things I ate:

  • 1 Vanilla Chai Cupcake
  • 1 Vegan Thai Mung Bean cake
  • 1 Vegan Thai Sweet Potato cake
  • 1 Vegetarian Bombay Samosa
  • Oranges, pears, apples, pineapples, strawberries
  • *Spanish Churros for 1
  • *Spanish Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows
  • *1 Tandoori Chicken Wing
  • *Spinach and Ricotta Sausage Roll
  • *Spicy Tofu-Fish kebab

    *Note: Asterisk denotes items I stole a bite off my friend. But she offered first, so it's okay :)


    The Spanish hot chocolate ($5.9): like liquid gold. It's almost like alcohol: drink it too fast and you'll probably yak and get a huge headache. I wouldn't be surprised if it gave you some kind of hangover. And we all know that chocolate is full of that chemical that makes you happy. Churros makes you love-drunk, chocolate-drunk. Imagine going to a party and bringing a flask of churros hot chocolate while everyone else gets wasted on Jack Daniels. I bet you would be able to have just as good a time as everyone else!

    And as for the Churros ($7.9). 'Donuts' is such a crass word for something so delicious and delicate. I'll admit it. I licked the bowl of chocolate sauce afterwards. You can judge me all you like, but you only live once.

    The Yummy Vice Cupcakes.

    I plan on structuring the next few months of my life around returning to this cupcake stall in the Fremantle Markets so that I can try the tiramisu, cherry ripe, turkish delight and rocky road cupcakes.

    I will commit blasphemy and say that the Vanilla Chai cupcake ($3) was divine. I love chai, but I've never had it in anything but a beverage.


    Fruit and Veg Market.

    Love the atmosphere here. There's this crazy intense vietnamese lady who's there without fail every time I'm there and tries to force fresh produce onto me, (BEE-YOOOOOOTIFOO FRESS STOBELLY!) everything actually smells like food, unlike when you go to the supermarket sometimes and everything just smells like wax, chemicals and refrigerators... plus, there are more free samples than you can manage whilst still being able to look polite.

    Bakeries and stalls.

    I HAD to take a picture of this cake. But no photography of any kind could ever encapsulate its grandeur, it's sheer size, it's irresistable pull and its undeniable pompousness that it knew it was the best cake in that display cabinet.

    Also got my Vegeterian Bombay Samosa ($3.5) from this stall: the indian owner joked that he would charged $5 a photo in a stern face before breaking into a big toothy grin and laughing at me and gesturing all over the place. I liked his stall because the stuff in it didn't look like it had been made at like 6 in the morning and had been sitting there on a wire draining rack for hours on end, slowly becoming drier and drier. Yummo. And I've tried those sweets before, they're delicious too.

    I was SO TEMPTED to get one of these German Pretzels. I'm never going to Pretzos at Garden City again. And I was highly amused at how the guy at the "Healthy Donut Store" insisted that the reason his donuts were better for you was because the oil was less fatty... sure thing, buddy. I still sorely wanted to try the dark chocolate one. Damn this diet to hell.

    Gourmet Italian Store.

    Awesome. Very keen to try that turkish delight next visit, but by the time we got there we had eaten so much and I would have died from sugar overdose if I'd eaten anything else. I love these dark european foodie stores. They kind of remind me of libraries in the way people are so absorbed in something, and there's this nice kind of quiet inside in such a way that you can hear people bustling around outside doing whatever.

    And how much did I spend today?: $8.50.

    I think the best thing about never having enough money is that you end up finding the best possible way to spend it.

    P.S: Bright blue marron. Weird.

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