Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have a dream

Gingerbread Men Women.

The subliminal message of supposed male superiority is embedded into our society in so many ways. Here, it is surreptitiously disguised in an innocent childhood term: Gingerbread Men. I hereby make a proposal that we abolish the term Gingerbread Men altogether, and replace it with a more politically correct word of 'Gingerbreadians'.

I have a dream where Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread women are baked equally. Yes! I have a dreaaaammmmm today! LET FREEDOM REIGN!!!

But seriously, these were acutally delicious.

Gingerbread is curious stuff. It's not crunchy enough to be a biscuit, and definitely nothing like the consistency of bread, but something in the middle without being soggy or chewy or dry. When you bite into it, your brain tells you it's going to snap like a cookie but it doesn't - your front teeth sink into it, like laying your head down in an extra-soft, extra-fluffy pillow. And the sweet and slightly hot ginger taste just makes you feel right at home.

This was my first batch ever - next time I make Gingerbread, I'm making a house out of it and going to bake a spongecake car and make a little diorama to celebrate the getting-of-my-licence. It'll be epic.

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