Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm sorry to say that this is the first cafe I've gone to in a long time where I was mostly disappointed. Thank god the company, my primary-school buddy Desiree, was 5 star!

My blog is my happy place, so I don't really feel like putting up pictures of things we had that weren't quite up to scratch... but I had Japanese Quince green tea ($5.5) which was a rip off, quite frankly. But I did want to try something new. So I guess... mission accomplished? It was definitely not strong enough and seriously just tasted like a teabag with a squeeze of lemon in it or something. And the best thing about my friend's mocha ($4.5) was the cool glass it was in. And the fact that she let me scab her marshmallows.

The Tiramisu Slice ($3.8) was dry and had a cardboard-ish consistency (I think it was old) and the Raspberry Lemon Cupcake ($3) we had was ok, but nothing special. Worst of all, the staff seemed pretty snobby and I'm pretty sure she was giving me this look because I was wearing a plaid shirt.

The ambience was alright though, nice setting and interior design with a funky waterfountain and a map of the world on the ceiling. It was lacking something though. I think I prefer places with soul. This place really didn't have much personality or passion/enthusiasm for what they were doing.

Loving the boutiques that surround the cafe area there though, lots of cosy little homeware and gift stores for middle aged ladies and clothing stores to suit. Not that I'm into middle aged ladies clothing but it's just a nice change.

On a happier note, me and my friend bailed to Garbs before I started work and decided to lose our Dreamy Donuts virginity together. I think there's many types of deliciousness, and one of those types is where what you're eating just has SO much sugar in it that it just overrides your tastebuds as they go into shock and sends signals to your brain that whatever is in your mouth is overloaded with glucose, and therefore, it is yummy. That's what it was like when eating this donut. We split it of course, so that we wouldn't feel so guilty.

But I gave her the bigger half so I'd feel even less guilty. Crafty, eh?

P.S: Miss Maud with Mangie was Marvellous.

Things that are baked with apple in them were just made for vanilla ice cream. It's like a law in physics or a mathematical equation. It always gives you the same result. Delicieux.

Gotta love that 20% staff discount. Chyeah.

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