Monday, July 19, 2010

today is going to be a good day

I woke up at five this morning for some strange reason. I didn't need to pee, I wasn't hungry, I wasn't suffering from insomnia or sleepwalking or nightmares. I was just really, really awake.

So I did my laundry, walked the dog, and went down to IGA to buy a fresh punnet of strawberries and a tub of double cream. Then I proceeded to wake up my family plus the dog with the sound of our electric mixer and made a godawful mess of our kitchen. The ants will come round soon.

But any day that starts with baking can only be one thing: a good day.

I gave most of them away after I'd made them (the cream makes the sponge go soggy if you don't eat it within afew hours) to my nextdoor neighbours, my old boss at the cafe down the road where I used to work, and to a nice old lady sitting outside the bakery humming to herself. My family never eats anything I make, they always say its too sweet. Which is true most of the time. But apart from that, why would you want to keep cake to yourself when it was made to be shared with others.

Just spreading the love, man.

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