Saturday, July 24, 2010

the moon

My diet is ruined.

I didn't go to the moon, but I went to The Moon last night. Astronauts are just wasting their time, if you ask me.

After our pole dancing lesson in Perth (yes, you heard me), we decided to drive to Northbridge closeby for din dins. I was pumped: I've been wanting to go there for so long. It was everything and more I had imagined it to be. Situated in the middle of busy Northbridge on a Friday night, it was already buzzing by the time we got there at 7:30. I love the interior: dark, quirky and indie, old armchairs and tables that don't match, old pictures and random ornaments all over the place, blended with the chatter and slow beats playing created a very cosy, chilled atmosphere. Also loved the fact that our table was directly under a heater. Win.

Angie insisted that we order the Chocolate Pizza ($14), which we actually ended up eating first because the ice cream was melting.

I almost had babies.

The base wasn't like dough but crispy, a cross between something deep fried and baked. It was flaky and yum anyway. On top was melted marscapone cheese, chocolate sauce and walnuts, but not so much topping that it was too much to take: just the right amount for you to be able to still enjoy that perfect pizza base. The walnuts went so well with it: it took me a while to figure out what they were. It's not every day you find any kind of nuts on a pizza. 10/10.

Then we dished out the Marco Penne ($18.5) with chicken, bacon, broccoli, diced tomato, parmesean and cream. I usually opt for the healthier tomato based pasta option, but I quite liked this one. The cream wasn't too thick, in fact it was a little on the thin side compared to most types I've tasted, but the generosity of the sauce made for a very pleasant dish. The chicken could have done with some seasoning, but apart from that, not bad.

When choosing the pizza, I asked the girls: "Hey guys... is it lame that I'm looking at the Vegerian Pizza?". Then they laughed and gave an emphatic YES. But I we still ended up ordering it anyway ($18). Topped with mushroom, kalamata olives, zucchini, roasted capsicum, herb pesto and eggplant, it wasn't your average Super-Supreme kinda pizza from Dominos. And it didn't give you that oily, dense feeling in your stomach after you'd eaten it you usually get from fast food pizza, either. Again, the base was definitely a key player in its success, and the toppings were cut into big chunks and spread just thick enough to enjoy instead of gorging. What I liked about this pizza was that you could fully appreciate the taste of the capsicum, eggplant and zucchini without being distracted by a too-potent sauce or a mountain of cheese and herbs on top. Tasty.

Funnily enough, we managed to pass over two hours sitting there, talking and laughing and eating and talking and eating and talking. Memorable moments include giving a recount of what happened last week that made my friend SCREAM out gleefully something that I cannot repeat in the interests of my personal privacy. The Moon is the kind of place where you forget about what time it is: the vibe, the lighting, the music, the cosiness of it all. It seems to be frozen at around 1am when everyone's just chillin and having a good time. And according to the drunk chick on the other side of the room who leapt into the air and started crumping when "Lose Control" by Missy Elliot came on, yelling: "I LOVE THIS SONG! GANSTA RAP!!!"... a really good time.


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