Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Italy, portugal and mexico

A little hung over and a lot of tired, so this is a short post.

Went to Northbridge yesterday with mum to visit the gourmet Italian store: love it there. Olives and pasta and risotto rice spilling from shelves and overflowing out of baskets and bags. Coffee and preserved fruit so fragrant you could still smell it through the thick plastic packaging. The barista behind the deli counter who talked using his hands to gesture at everything in a way that could only be described as - passionate. And the steady buzz of conversation in rapid Italian coming from the people sitting outside drinking their espressos. Delightful.

And I WANT to get my hands on some of that Grand Marnier chocolate!

Then came shock of the day: gave my mum the option of eating dim sum or Nandos... and she chose Nandos! What the. I've always been a fan of the Peri Peri chips but the Chicken (mum ordered Mild... no fun! :P) was particularly good today. Extra tender and juicy.

I think it's cool that they don't bring out your food with cutlery and just assume you're going to eat it with your hands. Mum got so disorientated it was hilarious. I've always wanted to eat meals like rice with my hands, like Indians do. Forks and knives just put more distance between you and your food - why on earth would you want to do that! Honestly. The ridiculous things that humans have come up with to try and advance themselves.

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